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About MANDALA Leather Range




noun: mandala; plural noun: mandalas

a mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity.

The meaning of Mandala is wholeness of self and Mandala symbols are a representation of individual life pathways. This has been personally significant during my creative journey of creating a business driven by passion.

I am so grateful to all the talented artisans for their amazing handcraft skills and also treasure the friendships that have been established with these families. We pride ourselves on the use of ethically sourced leather and fair pay systems during this time of quick and disposable fashion.

If you have any design ideas or dream projects that you would like to bring to life please get in touch, I would love to hear from you as I am still travelling and designing fabulous pieces…Lynda Wiki Designer/Director

Your Mandala leather purchase has been lovingly created using the best ethically sourced luxe leathers available. We work closely with our Indonesian families with whom we now have close friendships and are proud to have as a part of an ongoing team, bringing to you stunning and individual handmade creations.

Any animal designs other than the natural cowhide has been dyed onto genuine cowhide to reproduce other animal likeness (e.g. giraffe, leopard, zebra). Some of the snakeskin has also gone through a dying process to obtain fashion colours.

Fur naturally has multidirectional hair variations and every hide is unique thus no two pieces will be the exactly the same. There are a range of colours and patterns available and please note that as Leather is a natural fibre, rubbing, fading or some colour loss is inevitable over time.

We have tried our best to capture the true colour of our leather and hide with our photography but please understand there can be slight colour variations due to device screens.

As your investments age, they will take on a whole new look and feel. They will have walked with you on your journey through search of self and have matured and changed with you.