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About Industri Design

Welcome to Industri Design!

Interior design has always been a great passion of mine and for years I dreamt of being able to create that ‘perfect custom piece of furniture’ for the homes I designed and built.

Little did I know that this very dream would lead me to my current business!

Seven years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to travel extensively and began a journey of designing and creating a range of designer furniture close to my heart. Along the way I met and befriended many incredibly talented Indonesian Artisans who have helped me create the most beautiful pieces with handcrafted precision. I love each piece with its individuality and ability to withstand the worlds constant changing trends.

Each piece is designed from the heart and I am always eager to liaise with customers on any custom pieces that you may also be dreaming about. Due to all these stunning pieces being meticulously crafted by hand, they are all individual in their own right meaning there will be no two items exactly the same, there in adding to their beauty and exclusivity.